Le Sigh

So, yesterday. Let’s just talk about that.

I tucked my tail between my legs. I walked in. I admitted defeat. And I was met with open arms and all the support in the world.

What am I talking about? Well going back to Weight Watcher meetings of course!

I really did feel like a failure when I walked through those doors. Like I was admitting defeat.



But then I realized this. And how true it is. I’m not a failure because I’m doing this again. I’m succeeding because I’m not willing to give up. I will get the weight back off. I will be happy with myself again.

And actually I took a lot out of the meeting last night. I used to hate going to the WW meetings. They were “a waste of time” and “I already know how to do this” type of thing. Last night, it was the same – I do know how to do this. I know how to handle a stressful situation and what works for me – but that being said, what works for me is why I’m going back to WW meetings in the first place. The stress eating, the wine nights with the ladies to decompress after a long day, the “grab & go” food (which is usually pizza). It’s why I had to go back. So really, do I know how to do this?

They also talked about finding an anchor. Something that means something to you to help keep you focused when things get crazy.

Mine is a picture. It was already the screen saver picture on my phone. It makes me smile whenever I look at it. Its a picture of myself and Mr. Chocolate. Back when I was thinner. We’re both smiling, happy. I was happy with the way I looked and felt. That picture. That’s my anchor. That’s where I want to get back to.

I want to be that happy confident woman he met & fell in love with. Not just for him, but even more for myself.

WIM + New Recipe + Weekend Review

So, can’t we just skip right over my WI post? As I’m sure you noticed, I didn’t post yesterday. For good reason.

Last week: 230.0
This week: 235.6
Change: +5.6

Yeah. Bad.

Don’t judge me. My weekend was filled with lots of food. Lots of celebrations. And lots of travels. It was bad. I could have made much better choices, but I didn’t. I ate with reckless abandon, and it was yummy. And delicious. And other than the scale, worth every bite. The scale will come back down. It sucks that this puts me so much further away from kicking butt in my weight loss competition at work, but I’ll get back down. Just have to work that much harder at menu planning & working out.

So, the celebration part of this weekend. It was partly for mother’s day weekend, because all mothers need to be celebrated. And largely my graduation weekend. Because, that’s just awesome! I finally made it through college. I have a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a GPA of 3.800 even. I’ve never been more proud of myself. Now… just need to find myself a job to use this shiny, new degree.

And menu planning. Ugh. I’m horrible at it. I need to get better. So I’ve created some recipes and a pretty broad idea of what I’ll be packing for lunches next week. I think I’m going to make myself a crustless quiche of some kind for breakfasts. Pair that with some coffee and a piece of fruit. Yogurt for my morning snacks. Probably some chicken & salad combo for lunch. Cheese stick & veggies for snack. And dinners. Oh the dinners. I’m thinking parmesan tilapia paired with quinoa & veggies one night. Salmon with veggies & a sweet potato. Quinoa shrimp stir fry. And, what I’m most looking forward to, pizza!! I want to make a pesto pizza with chicken, artichoke hearts, feta, & sun dried tomatoes. Oh I can’t wait to have that bad boy.

And speaking of recipes! I made some bangin’ burgers last night. Mr. Chocolate has informed me that I’m usually in charge of burger making. Such a good dinner I had to stop him from eating my leftovers!

I bought some pre-pattied burgers and sprinkled them with a burger seasoning on one side. The other side I brushed with teriyaki sauce. Once the burgers were cooked through I heated up some pineapple slices in teriyaki sauce. I also mixed some sirrachi with light mayo for them. I topped my burgers with a sliced of grilled pineapple, sirrachi mayo, & a slice of pepperjack cheese. SO GOOD!!

I paired all of this with roasted broccoli & tater tots.

I don’t think Mr. Chocolate believes the meals I cook for him are actually healthy. Whatever.

WIM + T25

Last Week: 229.0
This Week: 230.0
Change: +1.0

I figured I would have a gain this week. I mean, come on, 6.4 pounds in one week was just too good¬†to be true. And I knew that. I also knew that I was starting up a new workout routine and I was on my period. So having only a 1 pound gain, that’s awesome.

And speaking of that new workout routine, Whew. It’s a butt kicker. But that being said, it’s an amazing workout. I haven’t worked out this hard in a long time. And it feels good. I’m sweating like crazy when it’s done. My limbs are exhausted. My whole body is exhausted. But I love it. And I feel accomplished once I’ve completed my workout. That being said, I can already tell, in just week two, that I’m able to do more than I was last week. Both Week 1 and Week 2 started off with the Cardio disk. I’m able to do some of the moves better than I could last week. I’m also able to do them for longer. I am still following the modifier for some things, I’m also modifying my own and going somewhere between the regular workout and the modifier. And it seems to be working very well for me. I can’t wait to continue with the T25. I plan on continuing with the Alpha version until I can do all the moves 100% for the full 25 minutes. And that may take me longer than the 5 weeks suggested, I may end up repeating a few weeks. That’s ok with me. I want to be able to give Beta my all when I start it, and that’s going to take some building up.

Today’s Menu:

B: Quest bar, grapes, coffee – 5
S: Greek yogurt – 3
L: Turkey sandwich, apple, cottage cheese – 8
S: Cheese stick – 2
A: T25 Wk 2 D 1
D: Salmon, roasted squash & broccoli, quinoa – 12
S: Popcorn – 4


Gym Clothes Review

Ok, so I’m really picky about gym clothes. I want them cheap, I want them cute, and I want them comfortable. Must meet all three requirements. I hate, let me repeat HATE, going to the gym in old ratty t-shirts. Faded pants. Whatever you have it. Hate it. This is not to say I haven’t worn those items to the gym, but I feel awful. And isn’t the biggest and hardest part of working out finding the motivation to do it? Why would I be motivated to put that crap on!?

So, I made it my mission when I decided to recommit to my weight loss that I needed to find decent work out clothes. But again, they MUST meet the tripe C requirements: Cheap, Cute, Comfortable. That’s when I took the advise of my fellow weight watcher ladies and headed to Old Navy to find just the thing. And I did!

I have some workout clothes from Old Navy already. And for the most part I used to love them. But since I’ve gained weight I am not such a fan of them. I have several pairs of their fold over style of yoga pants. And since I’ve packed on a few pounds they are more a “fold under” style at the moment. Totally bulky and uncomfortable. So I tried their compression line of workout clothes. The best part, Old Navy’s website sells their pants, even their Active line, in talls. This is much needed for a girl of my height. So I bought myself 5 pairs of pants. With matching tops. And sports bras. (What?! Don’t judge me.) And the best part, everything on the website was one sale!

When they finally arrived I was so stinkin’ excited. So cute. I love how the pants are tighter and stop the jiggle. And my shirts are flowy but not too loose. The sports bras, perfect amount of support for the workouts I’m doing, however, I would not recommend these bad boys for running or Zumba. And even better yet, they are comfortable. I feel confident in them.

My only complaint, which I’ve since figured out, is that when I first put them on I could not make them stay up. For the life of me they kept falling down. I don’t think I had them up far enough. Since that day I haven’t started to pull them up higher, like old lady style around my belly button (maybe the torso is longer because they’re talls? I don’t know.). I’ve also stopped wearing undies with them. Yeah, sorry, TMI there. But I found that the biggest issue was it was my UNDIES falling down and bringing the pants with them. So, undies had to go.

Overall, totally in love with these bad boys. They meet my Triple C requirements. I feel good in them. And I actually look forward to putting them on. Which is the biggest part of working out. For me at least.


The opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% mine. I was not contacted or paid by Old Navy to review their products. I received nothing in exchange for my review. I just really like them that much.

Let’s talk about T25


For reals yo, this izz is hard!

Ok, I lie, I lie. It’s not “hard”. I can do the moves. But goodness you move constantly. A lot. You change what you’re doing often. I start off doing pretty good and by the end I’m doing the modified version of some things. The only thing I have found I’m not capable of doing is a burpee. And no, it’s not because I hate them so much, even though I do. They make me dizzy. But my goal with Week 1 is to be able to fully do it before I move on to Week 2. So, I may be here a while. But at least I’m moving, and working out, and burning calories. (And hopefully kicking my coworker’s butt in our weight loss competition!!)

I started the program last night. I managed to burn 430 calories on Wk1D1. This morning I got up early and did Wk1D2. I burnt 370 calories. Loving this. That’s 7APs in 2 days! That’s great for me. Esp when it’s only just 30 minutes of my day. And I am POURING sweat! I don’t normally sweat when I work out, I glisten. No, but really though, I don’t sweat that much. I get “sticky” where I’ve sweat a little. With this bad boy I am d.r.i.p.p.i.n.g It’s gross. Yuck.

That being said, I’m loving it & can’t wait to do it again tomorrow. Ok, I can totally wait to do it tomorrow morning because it requires me waking up at 6am, but I feel good after I do it.

Today’s Menu:

B: Quest bar, cantaloupe, coffee – 4
S: Greek yogurt – 3
L: Ham sandwich, GG potato & mixed vegetables, apple – 7
S: Cheese stick, veggies & dip – 3
D: Baked chicken, quinoa, collards, & green beans (most likely) – 10
S: Popcorn – 4

I seriously still have 7pts left with this menu. I have no clue what I’ll have to fill up those points. Maybe I’ll stop at the store & get something sweet for after dinner tonight.

Weigh Day!

Last Week: 235.4
This Week: 229.0
Change: – 6.4

What. The. Hell?

How did I do that? Seriously? I don’t know. No clue. I got nothin’. But damn it feels good!

I went on one walk all week. That was the only exercise I did. I kept a close watch on my diet. That’s the only thing I can figure. Who knows. But it definitely made me ready to go into week 2 with my head in the right place!

Speaking of week 2, today is day 1 of T25. I have a feeling it’s going to kick my butt! For reals. But I’m really excited to start it.

Today’s Menu:

B: Quest bar -5
S: Greek yogurt -3
L: Turkey sandwich, apple, cauliflower w/ cheese sauce -8
S: Cucumbers & tomatoes w/ dip -1
D: Parmesan crusted tilapia, quinoa, broccoli, greens -10
S: Popcorn -4

I still have 7pts left with this menu and no clue what to have with it! Maybe a glass of wine with dinner? But I don’t really know. I’m sure I can find some way to use 7pts.

Day 5

So I’m on day 5 of trying to lose the weight. My gym clothes & Quest bars have com in. My T25 should arrive today. I’ve been taking HCA Garcinea & Green Coffee Bean 30-45 minutes before my biggest meals. (Don’t judge me. They are natural, and I did some research first.)

I’m really excited to start using my new things. I think the Quest bars are going to be great, easy grab & go breakfasts. Using my new gym clothes to do my new T25. To be in my home and start cooking yummy, healthy dinners. Lots of chicken and fish,¬†grains, VEGGIES! I’m ready!

Also, I know a couple ladies who follow me on Facebook are going to be starting T25 with me on Monday. I expect some of my readers on here to join in also.